Urgent Update your TELEGRAM Privacy

Hey guys, there has been news about Telegram groups being stolen or identities being stolen over Telegram and today I would want to advise all of you to just update this simple step on your Telegram app just to prevent unknown persons to know your true telephone number thru telegram.

The idea is to make sure your Phone Number is set to NOBODY under your Privacy and Security Settings. By default its set to Contacts, however sometimes we accidentally add people we don’t know into our contact list and you can never know who is behind that contact which may then find out your number.

In your Telegram app,

  • Go to your TG settings,
  • click on “Phone Number” My Contacts,
  • then change settings to “Nobody” and save changes.

You should then see it like the picture in the top. This would also prevent people from just sharing your contact number to everyone, which has happened to me before.

It becomes annoying if your number gets shared without your permission and I’m sure it may have happened to you before.

Stay safe guys, there are a lot of hackers and scammers out there to steal your identity and worst of all , your money or cryptos.

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