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Halving is coming

It would be another 1 year before bitcoins block mining rewards gets halved. So now, all blocks mined pays about 12.5 BTC per block and at every 210,000 blocks it gets halved. This would meant that 6.25 BTC rewards per block mined.

The question would be is that will this boom the price of the market as it gets harder and more expensive to mine blocks ? When Bitcoin first came out we all could use our computers to mine BTC however now , mining these with computers would be too slow and only large warehouses of mining farms using natural cooling and almost free electricity would be worth mining BTCs

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Over the pass week we have seen a nice bull run with BTC and some key alt coins and for those who were trading actively on the BTC markets, would have taken advantage of the up and down and up and down.

I have tried mining before and in my own opinion, I do think that learning to trade the crypto markets is way much more fun then maintaining machines.

But that’s just me, I do enjoy learning up new altcoin projects and see if its worth investing in .

So what about you ? Mining or Trading ?

have a good day !

Crazy cheap flights

So how does flying around the world on really cheap rates sounds ? I stumbled across this website and took a look at the rates. Its crazy cheap !

How would you like to get a round trip to the Maldives and enjoy the beautiful islands … sounds like a dream trip eh ?

So if you really are keen to go, the flights are really that cheap. I wish I knew how they manage to get it at that rate. I would guess that they have purchased in bulk and just need to sell those seats.

Booking the hotels are another different thing though … however I’m sure that you would be able to get some sort of AirBnB at the destination you are heading to.

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So this is just one of the many GEMS which I managed to find in the internet. Do share if you do come across any interesting site. This is surely worth a bookmark don’t you think ?

Hey its FRIDAY ! Have a great weekend ahead.

Event update with other speakers

We got the poster updated and our event in Penang is good to go . Speaking together with me during the event is Jason Chew Managing Partner for Bitcoin Malaysia. We have done numerous events together and they are on steemit as well. @bitcoinmalaysia

They also manage one of Malaysia’s largest blockchain groups on Facebook which has over 52k of members ! Here is the link to the group if you want to join in. If you intend to come in and spam your affiliate links … you will be banned and kicked out almost immediately. You’ve been warned !

Its a great community to make friends within the blockchain space in Malaysia and if you are around Malaysia and would like to get updated on events happening in this crypto/blockchain space, I would recommend you join in the group as well. Just remember, no spamming !


Also sharing the stage would be SINEGY which is one of the crypto exchanges in Malaysia. There are only a handful of crypto exchanges which are in the midst of evaluation by SEC to be provided a license. Before SEC came out with the regulations in Feb 2019, there were about 50 exchanges which were named however only a handful were able to submit and comply to the regulations.

All exchanges are not “officially” legal yet however those who wants operate would require to submit a long and complex documentation to SEC and also come up with like RM5million paid up capital

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So if you are around Penang on the 25th May 2019 do signup and join us in our event ! We would love to meet up with you ! Below is the signup link.


Hope to see you there.

Review HUNT is launching soon !

Check this out ! over $500k has been pledged by companies to spend on REVIEWHUNT monthly when it launches.

Demo Image 1

If you do not know what is REVIEWHUNT now, well there is still time to check it out and also pre-signup linking all your social accounts and be the first in line to be a reviewer !

REVIEWHUNT is the next product by the same team who brought us STEEMHUNT which has already been running for over 1 year. With the initial success of STEEMHUNT where over 180 hunts are submitted and approved on a daily basis, its undoubtedly that the team would release another great product.

How Does REVIEWHUNT benefit businesses ?

Marketing a new product takes way much more effort these days in comparison to just a few years ago where someone pays Google or FB and buy some digital ads then hope that people will see the ad and click it.

These kind of marketing does bring in a large number of audiences however it does not necessary convert to sales. This is due to mainly lack of trust as they may not know the brand nor do they know the people behind the product.

So marketers now seek a new type of marketing method which includes using people with a lot of fans / followers to give a shoutout or a review about their product or service. This would then led to more engagement and since their followers already has a certain degree of trust with these individuals therefore they were influenced by them.

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This is what we now call Influencer Marketing. Meaning to use your current social influence to help a business / brand to reach out their message to your audience.

REVIEWHUNT is a platform where Brands / Businesses are able to leverage the users of the platform to help them market their products. Influencers are then given the option to choose what they would like to promote and are rewarded for their work done by REVIEWHUNT.

This is a great way to earn as you do not require to have hundreds of thousands of followers ( which is great to have ) to get started.

So make sure you pre-signup for REVIEWHUNT so you can be one of the first influencers on this platform. If you do have friends who are struggling to promote their brands or product, be sure to introduce them to REVIEWHUNT ! You’ve got nothing to loose but a lot to gain.

So BTC is up – What’s your move ?

It seems like a great week for cryptos and at this current point of time of this writing, BTCs seems to be on its bull run.

Its great and all however what have you done to take advantage of markets like this ? Or in actual fact, what have you done ?

Normally to prep and maximize on BULL runs are to tame the BEAR markets and did you know over the past 8 – 12 weeks when BTC was just tanking vs the USD there was a very noticeable pattern in trade.

Its normally early of the week markets will dip and start to rise once more towards the weekend. As weeks goes by, the market starts to dip earlier and earlier.

I can’t really explain this as I’m no “trade” expert and will never ever claim to be one . These were the times where many traders were taking advantage of the predictable market trends to grow their BTCs.

One of the chat groups that I’m in pushed their USD100 to close to 10 folds just by riding the waves. The whole idea is not to focus on the $$$ but focus on increasing the volume of your BTCs. So we do lookout for trades vs altcoins as well since the yield can go crazy at times.

Trading is actually fun however there are no shortcuts … you gain on some days and you just need to tank on others. The idea is not to be greedy.

There are so many people currently trading bitcoins and the image above was shared awhile ago .. I’m not 100% sure if the data is still valid however that gives you an idea as to how many people are actually trading cryptos.

Back to the question !

What’s your move ? The price of BTCs are up …. what would you be doing to take advantage of this bull market. Indication states that its pushing for $7500 however i’m anticipating for a slightly higher target.

There are lots of questions in any traders head but most of it sums up to , is this bull run sustainable ?

I do use a tool which keeps me updated with all the happenings and news that goes around 24/7 . You should check it out and see if this app works for you. Here is my link if you are thinking of downloading it. Its one really handy app … https://bi.city/s/Vqtff2

For me, I’ve got my expected price to sell and then dump most of the profits into STEEM where the rest would be reinvested into my daily trades.

What about you ?

Have a great weekend everyone !

SNAX – get rewarded with your social activity

I came across this just recently and found out that SNAX is having a STEEM-BOUNTY program. But firstly what is SNAX ?

SNAX is a fork of EOS and its a Decentralized Social Media Overlay meaning to say that it provides content creators who are using platform such as Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and such with cryptocurrency called SNAX.

The idea is that normally content creators on these platforms does not get rewarded with anything unless they have hundreds of thousands of followers which leads to partnerships with brands who wants them to get engagement for their products.

With SNAX, you just need to create content and you would then be able to start receiving rewards. I signed up and connected my sad little twitter account and this was what I received.

Even though its not much however, its still a great step forward. As they say .. 0.01 cent earned is still more then 0. And since I’m on twitter why not make extra from it.

STEEM Bounty ?

SNAX is running a bounty program with the STEEM community. All you would require to do is to write a post and thats about it. How much you will get from the airdrop would be determined by how many followers you have.

At this point of time there is only Twitter Integration and soon there would be more to come. So you have nothing to lose, just signup for SNAX and start earning.

Bounty program would start payouts on the 14th May !

So get your post out and lets make this collaboration a success for everyone. I’m sure its beneficial for everyone.

Coingecko Give Away !

Have you done this ?

If not … Coingecko is back with another great giveaway and this time its 25,000 worth of IoTeX. The deadline is 20th May, 2019 and its very simple to enter.

Here is the link to the survey


If you have joined any of @coingecko’s survey before all you need to do is to login and you can start checking those “todo” list to be able to have more valid entries to win the freebies.

The more entries the higher the changes of winning the prize. So do support @coingecko and who knows, win some IoTex ! Nothing to loose…. except 5 mins of your time.


Cheers and have a great day !

Are you looking to monetize your social media or looking for influencers? Checkout Cryptomarketads.com

Over the past year we have seen industry giants such as Google and Facebook banning any ads in relation to Cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings or even now the much hyped Initial Exchange Offerings advertisements.

Its pretty clear that if your business revolves around this marketspace, it would be almost impossible for you to promote your product except thru word of mouth or paying marketers a large amount of money without knowing the results it may bring.

I stumbled across CryptoMarketAds.com as I was browsing thru Steemhunt and after reading more imedietly signed up for it.

Image result for cryptomarketads.com

What is CryptoMarketAds ?

Its a brand new marketplace which aims to be the leading platform for crypto advertising and marketing for both publishers and advertisers. With just 3 weeks since the launched of their marketplace, there are already 200 over offers from all sorts of crypto marketeers around the globe and from many popular platforms.

How does it Work ?

Using the platform is pretty simple. There are 2 ways of using this unique platform. Its either you want to hire influencers to promote your product (advertiser ) or you would like to offer yourself services to promote for others ( publisher )

To receive jobs as an Influencer you just need to signup and add your offerings under My Ad Properties you would need to then fill in the form stating what you are offering and how much you would be charging for this service. All payments would be in the form of CryptoMarketAds ( CMA ) tokens.

To hire influencers, you can just take a look at the marketplace and browse thru which influencer you would like to engage with. Once again payments would be in CMA ( CryptoMarketAds token )

How can I get CMA tokens so I can hire influencers ?

The only way to obtain CMA tokens at this point of time would be to

  • Receive tokens from services which you sell
  • But from the ICO ( *recommended )

Why should I get CMA coins ?

  • Its the main payment method option in this first of many products by CryptoMarketAds
  • Marketplace publishers will lock-up to 5 million coins to get 50% discount of Fees. This will strengthen the value of the CMA Coins
  • CMA coin will provide access to all other new products which will be launched by CryptoMarketAds
  • CMA coin is currently in the midst of partnering with crypto.com and be part of the ecosystem with plans to list in some of the top exchanges globally

What Other Products is in CMA pipeline ?

There are 3 products which CMA is currently building

  1. New blockchain for marketplaces
  2. Visual marketplace builder
  3. ICO platform for marketplaces.

More information can be found in the whitepaper.

Crypto Market Ads ($CMA) coin is available for public sale through private sale on CryptoMarketAds.com, starting from 20th April 2019 – 20th May 2019 followed by CMA’s IEO (Innitial Exchange Offering)

For more Information on http://CryptoMarketAds.com


If you’ve been looking around for a quick way to grow your portfolio in the blockchain space or if you are planning to promote your blockchain project, I do suggest that you give it a try. After all what do you have to lose and you are able to get CMA coins at very reasonable price during the pre-sale.

Alternatively, you could just signup and provide your marketing services to companies who would like to engage you to promote their products.

With that said , have a great day ahead and do head over to http://cryptomarketads.com to check it out.

Your Android Phone is Spying on you

In today’s world almost all of us uses or rely’s on Google services be it an email, cloud storage , maps and an Android Phone. All of these services are mostly free to use and you are expected to share your private data to Google. Its a fair trade for really good quality services don’t you think ?

So if you are thinking that you are only providing Google with your “basic” information, I can assure you that Google may know more about you than what you think.

An article released by Good Morning America got Google into hot soup recently where they revealed all sorts of information that was picked by a brand new mobile phone without even having a SIM card in it.

After seeing the video was released, it was an eye opening and you would need to start taking a look at what those default settings on your Android phone.

From walking, on a bike, in the train or even if you are tilting your phone is able to track you. That becomes extremely valuable data for certain apps and with Google knowing your patterns and likes and dislikes and where you always go and what you love to do , can you imagine how important these data is to Advertisers … for example lets take Nike.

Google know you have an active lifestyle and loves to go around certain shopping malls in a certain city. If Nike just puts out an advertisement targeting your city, nearest to the shopping mall your frequently visit, and they know you have searched for “sporting goods” or perhaps looked at a famous ecommerce website under the section “sporting goods” . Google is able to help Nike get to you and show their ads.


Well .. this is the start if you truly want your privacy back. However keep this in mind that if you turn these off, you may not be able to use some of the applications you normally use.


So now come back to the question… will you turn it off and not use some of your favourite apps ? Just 2 decades ago, this was never a problem however now its a huge question. Its really funny as to how much we have evolved and rely so much on technology.

Cheers and have a great weekend !


Its 1st of May and I just realized that its STEEM POWER UP DAY ! Lets call it SPUD for short.

I guess the original post came from @streestyle with a simple yet powerful idea of getting everyone to power-up what they can on 1st May !


The message and the initiative grew like wildfire across the STEEM community and today is that day.

I have Powered up 280.263 STEEM

Now I do encourage all of you guys to power up whatever you can, even if its just 1 STEEM. I personally think its a great initiative and its amazing to see how the communities started following thru.

So have you powered up yet ???? If not … just DO IT !

If you took a look at the tag of SPUD you can see that a lot of other steemians has already done their power up. So why not just join in the fun and lets make this a successful drive !

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