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Ballet Crypto Hardware Wallet

So today I’ve got this really cool Bitcoin Hardware wallet called Ballet Crypto Wallet. It claims to be the very first multi currency physical wallet which is non-electronic.

I must say that when I got it, it has a pretty good packing and its using “recycled” paper which is a good thing. Why I got it ?? Well … its stainless steel and I thought that it would be great to bring around during my presentation and an easier way to explain what Bitcoin and crypto is.

Upon opening you would be able to take out the card which is made out of stainless steel and also you have a hard casing for you to protect the card from unnecessary damage.

Here is the list of all the crypto that you can dump into this wallet. How it works is that you would require to download the mobile app and you can then activate the various coins you want to add to this.

Image result for balletcrypto

There are a lot of crypto guys who has claimed that this is unsafe due to the nature that both the private key and address are printed on the card.

As for me, I don’t think I’ll place my entire portfolio here however it would be a great way to explain to someone who is new to cryptocurrencies on how crypto works in general and what is a wallet.

It would also be really nice if these guys support STEEM.

If you want to know more about Ballet Crypto Wallet, do checkout this site https://www.balletcrypto.com/en/

Cheers guys and I hope you are having a brilliant weekend.

How to upgrade your windows 10 home to pro for only $25

Now this post is for those of you who perhaps just bought a new laptop and it came together with Windows 10 Home ( by default ) however you then realized that you need more functionality such as Hyper-V and other networking sharing features.

One way of upgrading would be buying it off the Microsoft Store but if you see the price, it is really really expensive. Some of you may think, hey why not I just download a crack or something … then you risk your laptop getting some virus or ransomware or worst a keylogger which may compromise your system and all your accounts and password.

The typical cheapskate that I am, I would try to scour the web for the cheapest yet legal way to get this done without compromising my security.


You sometimes find solutions in the most unexpected place. The website is called G2A ( https://www.g2a.com )

If you just did a search for Windows 10 Pro , you will see numerous sellers selling it and I do suggest that you pick a seller that has the highest rating and have sold a lot.

Once you are done with adding it to your shopping cart you can just put in your email address and click Go to payment

They can literally accept any sort of payment and they even localize those based on your IP address. And YES they also accept BTC as a payment form

Once you are done with the payment and such, you will then receive an email of the purchase that you have just made. It would contain a link where it would reveal your product key to your Windows 10.

You can then read the quick guide if you don’t know how to activate your windows however if you just copy the key and then head over to your Windows 10 Home under the ABOUT tab. Just click change product key and upgrade your Windows

Once you are done, Windows will then perform the upgrade and it may take 1 or 2 restarts but once its done, if you go back to the ABOUT tab, you will see that the Windows Edition is now Window 10 Pro !

So there you go! Instead of spending hundreds of dollars or compromising your system, you bought a genuine activated Windows 10 Pro OEM.

What other features do you get with Windows 10 Pro ?

So only if you want the extra features then I would suggest you to upgrade. The only main reason I choose to upgrade was that I needed Hyper-V which is a Virtual Machine for Windows. This ables me to test out software and run applications without compromising my entire system.

Hope this helps and you get to save money on your upgrade. Cheers and have a great day !!!

Blockchain awareness protects innocent people from scams

One of the main reasons why we should always educate the public about the technology and not only about the monetary benefits of cryptocurrency is to protect innocent people from scammers who tries to take away their hard earn savings.

We have seen this many times and I’m sure we all have either a family member, friends or even ourselves got scammed before. Most of the time this happens is because we are unaware and uninformed with the right information, therefore these scammers takes advantage of that.

Below is a clear example of a scam which has been spreading thru Telegram.

Just because it looks like its a message from BINANCE a trusted exchange which thousands of people use to trade everyday. They would think that BINANCE is actually about to give out free BTC or ETH.

As the price of crypto goes up, we start seeing more and more of these scammers emerge out just to try to steal your precious cryptos. And there were a lot of success thus why they keep doing it.

So that is why we should always take the opportunity to get our friends and family informed about these scammers and best part educate them so that they do not fall into the trap of these scammers.

Lets make sure that we squash these scammers and protect our friends and family.

Your Android Phone is Spying on you

In today’s world almost all of us uses or rely’s on Google services be it an email, cloud storage , maps and an Android Phone. All of these services are mostly free to use and you are expected to share your private data to Google. Its a fair trade for really good quality services don’t you think ?

So if you are thinking that you are only providing Google with your “basic” information, I can assure you that Google may know more about you than what you think.

An article released by Good Morning America got Google into hot soup recently where they revealed all sorts of information that was picked by a brand new mobile phone without even having a SIM card in it.

After seeing the video was released, it was an eye opening and you would need to start taking a look at what those default settings on your Android phone.

From walking, on a bike, in the train or even if you are tilting your phone is able to track you. That becomes extremely valuable data for certain apps and with Google knowing your patterns and likes and dislikes and where you always go and what you love to do , can you imagine how important these data is to Advertisers … for example lets take Nike.

Google know you have an active lifestyle and loves to go around certain shopping malls in a certain city. If Nike just puts out an advertisement targeting your city, nearest to the shopping mall your frequently visit, and they know you have searched for “sporting goods” or perhaps looked at a famous ecommerce website under the section “sporting goods” . Google is able to help Nike get to you and show their ads.


Well .. this is the start if you truly want your privacy back. However keep this in mind that if you turn these off, you may not be able to use some of the applications you normally use.


So now come back to the question… will you turn it off and not use some of your favourite apps ? Just 2 decades ago, this was never a problem however now its a huge question. Its really funny as to how much we have evolved and rely so much on technology.

Cheers and have a great weekend !

Beware of sextortion email scam

A few days ago I received about 3 emails with this attached image. It literally states that it has installed a keylogger onto my machine and has been monitoring me and monitoring my keylog.

So it stated that it gives me 48 hours before sharing my video captures and bla bla bla ……… send $1000 worth of Bitcoins to this address so they will not do it.

If you receive these kind of emails, the best thing to do is just throw it in the trash and clear the trash….. just ignore it.

What sent alarm bells ringing was that they sent email to me , from my own email with the subject matter … my name.

Well .. obviously as my emails does have my name on it. So don’t get panicky on it and you know its just a scam trying to get ur crypto.

I also did a lookup on that Bitcoin address and this is what i got.


Looks like many other people has reported it and its saying the same thing.

So beware of these kind of emails and just trash it as soon as you see it and don’t even bother opening the email. If you are running a windows machine, make sure you have at least a good antivirus perhaps by McAffee or Avast …. whichever that works for you.

Also backup your machine regularly so that if you suddenly need to format it, you have a copy of your data.

Stay safe everyone and have a great day.

Let’s get STEEM in another exchange – bitmama.io

You guys know the drill ! Lets get STEEM into as many exchanges as possible. This is https://bitmama.io Bitmama is a crypto-fiat exchange which enables traders to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets in Africa.

Do support and comment STEEM at its twitter post.

With STEEM getting onto more exchanges, it increases the chance of people trading STEEM and strengthening the community. It gives really good branding and also get more people curious into joining our community.

So make sure you tweet and support this effort in getting more people onto the STEEM blockchain and also more people buying and selling steem.

Remember just a few months ago we did the same voting for NETCOINS ?


It was a successful campaign and its now listed on NETCOINs site

So lets do the same for this and it only takes a tweet. Cheers and have a great day.

Lets create the largest steempress blog network

Have you wondered why your wordpress blogs does not seem to get any visitors or views ? Or are you interested in monetizing your wordpress blogs even more and not only from STEEM blockchain ?

One of the ways would be to optimize your blogs is to have other people linking back their WordPress sites back to yours. This is a method used by numerous SEO companies .

I’m not a SEO expert however I do know that by linking all our wordpress sites together we would be able to help each other promote everyone’s wordpress blogs and perhaps be able to push more traffic to our blog sites.

By linking all our wordpress blogs together we will be able to rank our websites even better and will give us opportunity to bring more web traffic to our blog site.

If you would like to participate in this do fill up this form below. I will consistently update all on the progress and you would be able to import everyone else link to be placed in your own blog site.

All links can be in a separate PAGE or even in your footers on your blogs. With more traffic coming to your websites, you would even be able to monetize it better by using ADS Network.


If you don’t want to fill up the form, just leave the link of your STEEMPRESS site in the comments below and I’ll get it into the form. You can also just place the links of STEEMPRESS blogs which you know so I am able to take action on it

If you do not have a WordPress site yet and always wanted to start one, do leave a comment below so that we can start helping each other to create one.

Hope you all have a great weekend ahead and I’m looking forward in participation from everyone who is currently on WORDPRESS using STEEMPRESS.