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Lets talk DTube

Just yesterday DTube finally after 4 months gave us an update of when their Mainet is going to launch releasing their new coin called DTC. The official set launched date would be on the 10th May 2020 !!!

They have explained in detail as to why the delay and what they are looking at plus some adjustments of how many DTC Coin would be launched. It has been adjusted from 100 million to 4 million … which is a huge jump down.

The announcement can be found here


For those of you who are thinking of investing, do look at some stats which hopefully would tweak your interest more. Where is http://d.tube at currently and how much views is it getting?

Pulling up the charts from Similar Web you can see that d.tube is currently getting around 303k visits per day.



What is interesting is that the average visit duration is about 5 mins per visit. Now thats HUGE !!!! Can’t compare it to YouTube of course as YouTube has been around way longer.

Some of the advantages of using Decentralized Video Hosting sites are as below :-

  1. There is No Censorship as once the video is uploaded, it practically can’t be removed by a 3rd party unlike YouTube where they can just turn off your video without warning. Here is a news which is related to this


  1. No annoying ads which I’m sure you are pretty used to in YouTube or other centralized video hosting sites.
  2. Great of new vloggers , like myself, I host my videos on both YouTube and DTube, however having a small tight community on DTube at this point of time is beneficial as I feel its giving me a chance even though I’m a nobody in the vlogging world.
  3. Get rewarded in Crypto , now this is also a key element … YouTube pays you for advertising ads and you can catch bigger partnership deals once you made like 1million subscribers i guess, however on DTube, you are valued by the content and there are many kind steemians who support you by upvoting your original content.


So if you want to be part of DTube’s brand new relaunch, do check out details of their Whitepaper and perhaps grab some DTC coins. They plan to make DTube more efficient and easier for mass user adoption.


Cheers guys and hope you are having a brilliant day !

Steem Business Alliance

Here is a quick overview on STEEM Business Alliance ( SBA ), a project jointly started jointly by @oracle-d@steempress@steemhunt@fundition and @utopian-io

Here was the original announcement about 3 months ago. https://steemit.com/steemba/@steemba/introducing-the-steem-business-alliance

I was finally able to get more insight as to what SBA is and why we should support this drive.

STEEM Business Alliance Goals

The ultimate goal of Steem Business Alliance (SBA) is to onboard more business who are using Steem blockchain as part of their business strategy. With this being achieved, it would promote a greater adoption of users to come onboard the Steem Blockchain.

How are we going to get there

These are just a few key points on strategies which would be used. The methods of execution would be determined as the team grows. As a global initiative would vary from country to country.

  • Onboarding and retaining new Steemians.
  • Attracting STEEM investment.
  • Contributing to a growing and retaining a pool of developer talent.
  • Helping Steem communities grow.
  • Marketing and promoting the Steem blockchain.

Can I join STEEM Business Alliance ?

Steem Business Alliance are looking for new members at this point of time. These are the points to consider:-

  1. You own a business and use STEEM Blockchain as part of your business.
  2. You are an individual which would like to contribute to SBA by helping other businesses connect with SBA

You can fill up this SBA application form : http://bit.ly/2HIfENI

What are the benefits of joining SBA ?

As of now, joining SBA is purely for networking purposes and members will get to decide the role and direction of where SBA will be headed to. There are guidelines which will be in place soon , however for now its perks would be mostly leveraging on the business network on the STEEM Blockchain.

How can I get more information about SBA ?

You would be able to find out more thru SBA’s blogs @steemba or visit their website https://steemba.com

How else can I connect with SBA ?

You can connect with SBA and its members thru its discord channel which you can access thru this link https://discord.gg/hqErQCE


These are just one of the efforts placed in by businesses who are already on the Steem Blockchain, the idea that marketing and promotional activities are not the sole responsibility of Steem Inc however its a drive which the community needs to participate in. I do hope that you will be able to support this drive to promote the Steem blockchain and take it to greater adoption by the masses.

Are you looking to monetize your social media or looking for influencers? Checkout Cryptomarketads.com

Over the past year we have seen industry giants such as Google and Facebook banning any ads in relation to Cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings or even now the much hyped Initial Exchange Offerings advertisements.

Its pretty clear that if your business revolves around this marketspace, it would be almost impossible for you to promote your product except thru word of mouth or paying marketers a large amount of money without knowing the results it may bring.

I stumbled across CryptoMarketAds.com as I was browsing thru Steemhunt and after reading more imedietly signed up for it.

Image result for cryptomarketads.com

What is CryptoMarketAds ?

Its a brand new marketplace which aims to be the leading platform for crypto advertising and marketing for both publishers and advertisers. With just 3 weeks since the launched of their marketplace, there are already 200 over offers from all sorts of crypto marketeers around the globe and from many popular platforms.

How does it Work ?

Using the platform is pretty simple. There are 2 ways of using this unique platform. Its either you want to hire influencers to promote your product (advertiser ) or you would like to offer yourself services to promote for others ( publisher )

To receive jobs as an Influencer you just need to signup and add your offerings under My Ad Properties you would need to then fill in the form stating what you are offering and how much you would be charging for this service. All payments would be in the form of CryptoMarketAds ( CMA ) tokens.

To hire influencers, you can just take a look at the marketplace and browse thru which influencer you would like to engage with. Once again payments would be in CMA ( CryptoMarketAds token )

How can I get CMA tokens so I can hire influencers ?

The only way to obtain CMA tokens at this point of time would be to

  • Receive tokens from services which you sell
  • But from the ICO ( *recommended )

Why should I get CMA coins ?

  • Its the main payment method option in this first of many products by CryptoMarketAds
  • Marketplace publishers will lock-up to 5 million coins to get 50% discount of Fees. This will strengthen the value of the CMA Coins
  • CMA coin will provide access to all other new products which will be launched by CryptoMarketAds
  • CMA coin is currently in the midst of partnering with crypto.com and be part of the ecosystem with plans to list in some of the top exchanges globally

What Other Products is in CMA pipeline ?

There are 3 products which CMA is currently building

  1. New blockchain for marketplaces
  2. Visual marketplace builder
  3. ICO platform for marketplaces.

More information can be found in the whitepaper.

Crypto Market Ads ($CMA) coin is available for public sale through private sale on CryptoMarketAds.com, starting from 20th April 2019 – 20th May 2019 followed by CMA’s IEO (Innitial Exchange Offering)

For more Information on http://CryptoMarketAds.com


If you’ve been looking around for a quick way to grow your portfolio in the blockchain space or if you are planning to promote your blockchain project, I do suggest that you give it a try. After all what do you have to lose and you are able to get CMA coins at very reasonable price during the pre-sale.

Alternatively, you could just signup and provide your marketing services to companies who would like to engage you to promote their products.

With that said , have a great day ahead and do head over to http://cryptomarketads.com to check it out.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 – WTF it was so dark

Now Episode 3 was much anticipated after a huge build up over 8 seasons and this was the most epic battle in the whole of Westeros to date. Who knows whats to come in the next few episodes of this finale.

The Night King seems to be one of the coolest villant ever … literally “cool” as ice …. without saying a single word in all 8 seasons of Game Of Thrones.

However regardless the epicness of the entire episode the biggest problem I had was that I could hardly see what was going on. It was seriously very very dark.


Or your could turn your TV brightness up to the maximum , and yet will still not be able to see much. Here are a few scenes from the episode without giving too much of a spoiler

Here is one where you can see our heroes anticipating the enemy to come so they can start bashing them.

Those were scene where they really wished they had the HULK to come and save them all.

You got what I meant by it being too dark ? Here is a scene where it did look pretty awesome.

So to emphasize that almost 80% of this episode was almost too dark to see. It was indeed an epic battle and by the end of the episode it will surely leave you with a W.T.F moment reflecting on what else is next.

Have you seen this episode all you G.O.T. fans ?? Did you like who lived and who died ?

Scammers targeting my FB account

Its been pretty much a crazy week for me. First I realize I’ve been getting phishing emails stating that my machine was infected with keyloggers ( this post ) . And now, I’ve been a target of scammers cloning my FB account and messaging my FRIEND list.

It all started when I received this message from a buddy of mine who knows me well enough to realized that I wasn’t me ( like that makes any sense )

What I did was quickly changed my profile picture and reset my privacy so that people I didn’t know would not be able to search me on FB ( like that actually works )

What the scammer was trying to do was to lure in people into a scam and by cloning me , they hope that they are able to get people within my friend’s list to invest in this ponzi.

Its a nightmare as even after changing my profile and putting on the privacy, the very next day I still got my buddies messaging me directly on whatsapp saying that the scammers are still at work. Look at the picture below even the profile picture changed according to what I updated.

Even the account was newly created and I have a feeling that I was targeted on this perhaps because I revealed a scammer on telegram just not too long ago. Someone impersonating Mr David Lee tried to message me and to introduce some shit project on Telegram.

So back to the FB scam ! There is really nothing you can do when someone targets you to scam other people. The best is to get your friends to confirm with you and to report directly to FB the minute they get a message.

After announcing that I’ve been a target of FB scammers cloning my account, apparently, there are numerous of my friends which were getting it as well. Some even up to 3 times just this week alone.

I do recommend that all of you start to relook at your privacy settings on FaceBook and what you should turn on and off.

I do suggest to change as to who can view your friends list to ONLY ME . At least they won’t know who your friends are.

That is just one of many changes however that’s the most relevant in this case. I do hope that you stay safe and do not take your privacy controls lightly else someone is able to steal your identity.

This really reminded me of that movie THE NET where Sandra Bullock was acting and her character’s identity got stolen. Its now a huge reality.

Image result for sandra bullock the net gif

So once again, I do hope that you all stay safe and take a bit of time this weekend to review your privacy settings on all your applications and turn on 2FA if possible and the best thing would be :-

CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD if you have not done so in the past 100 years.

Stay safe .. and have a great weekend !

What you think of my Shirt ?

Had a quick trip to Saigon to spend some time alone with my dear ex-girlfriend aka wife and also to checkout Ho Chi Minh city in more details.

There are a lot of people around the globe who still thinks that Vietnam is very back dated but here are just a few things which surprised me. For instance … the picture above was taken in a shopping mall in the city.

Now … for Lambo having their showroom in the Mall … that shows that the spending power of locals here is really strong which is sign of a strong economy of the country.

In fact, you can even get large concept stores by Samsung showcasing all their gadgets in one store. Most likely that the income of individuals working here is decent.

The Coffee culture here is picked up a lot as well. Vietnam has been an attraction for digital nomads and therefore a lot more coffee outlets such as these with really fast internet … about 50 – 100 mbps is available almost everywhere for free.

Well .. not only coffee .. but everything else. Now this cheesecake was just delicious and had to be in my post. This drink .. i really wished I’d written down its name … its some sort of soya based drink with jelly in it.

Ho Chi Minh has really become a city that does not sleep. This was take about 1am in the morning and it sure looks really busy.

There are many eateries around Ho Chi Minh and some of the best ones are really hidden and out of sight, as you seem to find it in some alleyway then boom ! a really awesome restaurant serving amazing food is there. My suggestion is to checkout trip advisor

Time really flies when you are having fun. The main reason for this trip is to spend time with my wife and Its her birthday … so Happy Birthday @ireenchew …. the love of my life.

DRUGWARS ! When it starts being a game once more

When DRUGWARs was launched and it runs off the STEEM blockchain, there was so much hype that everyone wanted to try it out and play it.

Indeed it was fun and addictive and yes I really enjoyed it , however it started becoming annoying seeing that there were so many people botting and abusing the game to the point that finding battles became a chore.

This was all because the economics of this game allowed people to earn STEEM on a daily basis and bots will always find its way into the game.

Related image

I remember the earlier days in World Of Warcraft where almost everyone was botting …. this was because people can sell gold for some good ole $$$

Related image

Even in games like Clash Of Clans people was using attack bots to farm for gold just to get the upper edge on the game.

So whatever that DRUGWARs is facing is nothing new, however how these problems are resolved will either make or break the game and keep the community interested in playing it.

Today DRUGWARs announced that they would be rolling out new updates which highlights were

  1. There would no longer be STEEM as daily heist payouts
  2. Introduction of FUTURE tokens to be paid instead of STEEM – without much information on FUTURE tokens.

I think its a bold move and one that is required. People who plays DRUGWARS purely for “investment” purposes is not wrong however it does really takes the fun out of the entire experience. Its suppose to be a GAME !!

So I do hope that DRUGWARS will be able to enhance the gameplay and make it fun for all types of players. I’m looking forward in more information of this FUTURE tokens and its functions.

Here is the link to the announcement beware it may take time to load as there are tons of comments.


Paycent now accepts STEEM

Have you guys heard ? Paycent a CRYPTO-FIAT card … just a bit about Paycent ( https://paycent.com/ )

Paycent is a financial platform powered by Texcent, a Singapore-based company dedicated to deliver fully integrated mobile applications. Texcent has received a remittance license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and is a proud member of Singapore Fintech Association (SFA). The company is headquartered in Singapore and has offices in the Philippines and the U.A.E.

With them now accepting STEEM as one of the currency we would now have access to a larger option of liquidation especially in South East Asia. I guess all the events and the shout-outs in this part of the world has started to gain traction.

Do drop by and at least give a quick like to let them know that the community in STEEM supports this move.

Looking forward in seeing more payment gateways / exchange and other companies take on STEEM as one of their accepted cryptos as this is great publicity and helps in the growth of the community.

A simple EXPLANATION as to what Non-Fungible Token (NFT) is.

When CryptoKitties last year was launched , it took the world by storm and everyone fell in the craze of buying some unique collectable Kitties to be able to breed and then make tons of new kitties and sell it off for profit.

Image result for most expensive cryptokitty

Some of these Kitties pulled in HUGE value as it gives out very unique stats and it can breed out rares as well.

Now it all sounds nice and cool however at its peak, CryptoKitties ate up just below 35% of the entire transaction of the ETH blockchain making everything else slowwwww and super high fees.

OK … why am I talking about Cryptokitties ? And what’s it got to do with Non Fungible Tokens ?

Image result for most expensive cryptokitty

Non Fungible Tokens or NFT , is a token which is represented as something UNIQUE , IRREPLACEABLE and NON INTERCHANGEABLE.

To explain it in a easier way in the game CryptoKitties. Everyone has a unique Kitty even though it looks the same, and seems to be the same however it could have very different parents or even different time of its birth. This makes every Kitty unique and the value of these Kitties are determined by the characteristics of its parents and so on.

So imagine what else this can be used for, more games … unique art work, school certs which are unique and can’t be changed and many more. However the easiest way to understand NFTs is to relate it to game or arts and crafts.

Because of NFTs getting into the limelight, we now have exchanges which is use to trade collectables. For example

RareBit ( https://rarebits.io/ )

You can buy some of the most unique items here. But in my honest opinion, this is just the start to many new use case for NON Fungible Tokens.

Within the next few months, there would surely be more games or apps coming up and utilizing NFTs , like it or not this is here to stay and who knows we may get some of these mainstream games like World of Warcraft or Pokemon adapting to these changes.

Hope this gives you a brief understanding as to what NFTs are as there would be people asking you about it real soon ! That’s something which is almost guaranteed.

DAYBIT Exchange Made my day ! AI Trading

Ok … so here is the thing, a few days ago i posted about getting onto DAYBIT and start playing around with the “Intelligent Trade”. Why not right ? After all soon DAYBIT will also be trading the SMT tokens from STEEM communities so better start understanding its features.

Here was the post https://steemitup.club/steems-smt-trading-exchange/

In that post I was trying out buying USDT just as it dips. I was trading a little bit of EOS to USDT. It managed to find the top and bought just as it started to drop

It was a success ! It managed to buy USDT at about $4.0076 for me it was sweet as I got those EOS at about $2.5 per token. Clean profit of $1.5 per token sitting in USDT

Then I wanted to try the “intelligent trade” to find the bottom and buy a little bit up.

Another SUCCESSFUL trade ! However it was flawed slightly as the real bottom was actually $3.3 however it didn’t really matter as I knew it was going to go up “fingers crossed” . I accepted that it works and i had to make sure profits were obtained from buying this round of EOS.

Then I wanted to try another option which was in DAYBIT which was this. GREATER THEN xxx AND SELL at maximum of xxx .

I must say it was a slightly longer wait this time as price didn’t hit its target for 4 days … it almost hit then it pulled back .. and almost again then pulled back. Unfortunately there wasn’t a lot of trade volume on DAYBIT so even if coingecko showed other exchanges hitting the price , on DAYBIT it was still relatively not there yet.

But it happened while i was sleeping ! The trade sold all the EOS back to USDT !

So my here is my trade history. From my tests over the past 2 weeks on DAYBIT Exchange. Taken into fact that the EOS transferred here was bought at $2.5 .. DAYBIT helped me increase the volume of EOS tokens which I had without much effort except login in and waiting to see if the price had sold.

Oh by the way I also earned some DAY tokens from every single trade that happened.

My opinions about DAYBIT, its pretty cool however the trade volumes per day is not on the high side. Do try out DAYBIT exchange if you have the time as once they get more active you will surely see its volume go up. You can use this link to try it out.


I will still continue to to use the other exchanges, however DAYBIT is starting to grow on me. And hopefully they will list STEEM / SBD soon. Thanks to @project7 from @steemhunt to introduce DAYBIT exchange to us.