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My Quarantine Story

Whattt !! Its been 16 days since Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) started, its hard to imagine that its already been so many day since the country has gone into partial lockdown. It all started on the 18th of March 2020 and the announcement was done just a few days prior to the implementation of the MCO.

At first everyone was going crazy and started buying trolley load of food and everything thinking that there would be lack of grocery supplies as the announcement wasn’t very clear as to what would still remain open and what would not.

Supermarts tell Malaysians to resist panic buying as country shuts ...

During the 1st week of the MCO implementation the police was still not enforcing strictly and was still encouraging people to practice

  • social distancing
  • no gathering
  • can only buy take away food and not sit at restaurants
  • no chilling with friends
  • no going to the parks

A number of Malaysians had comply and stayed at home, however there were those who just could not do that. They had tons of excuses when approached by security which of course proceeded for the govt to start enforcing the MCO togather with the help of the Malaysian National Guards.

So what have I been doing ?


Well .. the quarantine life for me has been a whole new interesting experience. I’ve started doing numerous video calls to see if this was a good way to grow the community for HIVE and also to gain awareness of Crypto & Blockchain. Yes I consider this work as I seriously love doing it apart for a few other things.


Now this is the hard part. Since my wife is not around here in Malaysia and is stuck overseas for work, I gotta be the dad and the mom in the house. Juggling between all of that is not too hard however it does get tiring at times.

I guess I’m pretty lucky as they are not too young and is able to help me out here and there. Those who are with toddlers, these would be an extremely hard time for them.

One of the good thing coming out of this is that I have definitely improved my cooking skills. THANK YOU YOUTUBE !!

With countless of videos of food recipes, these are like the best time to try it out. And I have my 2 lil kids to try it out as well… my honest “critics”

Everyday I try to see if I can try a new recipe and if I have the ingredients for it.

So … cooking simple dishes is not that hard, however sometimes you just can’t seem to get that “perfect” taste. Its either too salty or too bland.

Kids Education

One of the worrying thought as a parent is the continuation of the kids education even though we are all at home. The year 2020 is surely going to be known as the year where everyone had to adapt to Video calls and Online Shopping.

I managed to get in touch with the kids teachers and the kids also was contacted by the teachers for various subjects. After 2 weeks of extended “school holidays” .. the lessons started to commence.

A least the teachers were willing to adapt to online teaching. It wasn’t so smooth at first however after the 2nd time, these teachers were pros.

Even my youngest son also started having classes conducted by the teachers.

For me … during their tuition time, at least it gives me some quiet time to get some done on the computer before starting to prepare for the next meal.

My daily routine – a rough schedule

  • Get up
  • Feed noisy kids breakfast
  • Do some work
  • Cook
  • Feed hungry kids lunch
  • Clean up
  • Entertain kids
  • Do a bit more work
  • Cook
  • Feed hyper-energetic kids
  • Get kids rdy for online tuition
  • Do some video conference calls
  • Binge watch some TV show which always ends up the TV binge watching me sleep


Its hard for some to just stay at home, as we have no idea how long this would last.

I’m glad that I’m able to be at home with my family unlike the thousands of front liners which place their lives at risk every single day trying to fight this Covid-19 pendamic.

Our prayers to the front liners all around the globe, to keep them safe and to be able to stay strong. We all respect you guys ! The heroes of today !