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Lets go to the moon together

Looks like the charts are looking really good and we are now reaching the peak of BTC/USDT which may lead us up to about 15k – 30k. However these are just fundamentals and is not an investment advise.

STEEM/BTC pairs however looks like its taking a dive down really really low. If you follow @lukestokes daily reports you will see that there are a lot of withdrawals happening everyday.

Just last week alone there was almost 1.7 million STEEM being transferred out to just Binance and Upbit. ( source ) The rest went everywhere else, however the big bulk was these exchanges.

If you had transferred out and exchanged your STEEM to BTC last week you would have made about 10%-15% increase in earnings. So sometimes you wonder if you should do it for that gain.

When BTCs moons to a All Time High ( ATH ) you would be able to have significant gains by buying STEEM at that point. Although there is no guarantee and not a strategy for everyone and with HF21 with SMT in clearer view, there is a possibility that STEEM would strengthen once more. But that’s a lot of What If and may be a bit too risky for those who don’t want to miss out on current market advantages.

For me , I’m not powering down however I’m liquidating some steem so that I would be able to buy into STEEM at a stronger position once the BTC markets moves sideways.

I’m not a “trade expert” however these are just my thoughts and not any advise. Do let me know if you can share your strategy.

Coingecko Give Away !

Have you done this ?

If not … Coingecko is back with another great giveaway and this time its 25,000 worth of IoTeX. The deadline is 20th May, 2019 and its very simple to enter.

Here is the link to the survey


If you have joined any of @coingecko’s survey before all you need to do is to login and you can start checking those “todo” list to be able to have more valid entries to win the freebies.

The more entries the higher the changes of winning the prize. So do support @coingecko and who knows, win some IoTex ! Nothing to loose…. except 5 mins of your time.


Cheers and have a great day !