SNAX – get rewarded with your social activity

I came across this just recently and found out that SNAX is having a STEEM-BOUNTY program. But firstly what is SNAX ?

SNAX is a fork of EOS and its a Decentralized Social Media Overlay meaning to say that it provides content creators who are using platform such as Twitter, Reddit, Instagram and such with cryptocurrency called SNAX.

The idea is that normally content creators on these platforms does not get rewarded with anything unless they have hundreds of thousands of followers which leads to partnerships with brands who wants them to get engagement for their products.

With SNAX, you just need to create content and you would then be able to start receiving rewards. I signed up and connected my sad little twitter account and this was what I received.

Even though its not much however, its still a great step forward. As they say .. 0.01 cent earned is still more then 0. And since I’m on twitter why not make extra from it.

STEEM Bounty ?

SNAX is running a bounty program with the STEEM community. All you would require to do is to write a post and thats about it. How much you will get from the airdrop would be determined by how many followers you have.

At this point of time there is only Twitter Integration and soon there would be more to come. So you have nothing to lose, just signup for SNAX and start earning.

Bounty program would start payouts on the 14th May !

So get your post out and lets make this collaboration a success for everyone. I’m sure its beneficial for everyone.

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