Remembering my dad after 10 years

Its already been 10 years since my dad passed on. It was one of the saddest day of my life. Every 27th July is my late father’s birthday and I would say an extra prayer for him.

My father was born during the time just after the Japanese occupation in Malaysia, however, he never did speak much of his childhood to us. I sometimes wished I had spent more time with him to ask him about his childhood.

He was an english teacher for over 35 years and even after his retirement he still continued teaching as he was passionate about educating people.

There are days where I do wish I could just pickup the phone and call him like how I would usually do, as since I left home … we would just have a few minutes of conversation on the phone pretty often. One thing I cherished was that he had never missed my calls as I know he would just drop everything he was doing to pick up my phone call. I do miss him even after 10 years of his passing … however I do know that he would always watch over us.

Happy 73rd Birthday Dad …

love … your son.

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