Your Android Phone is Spying on you

In today’s world almost all of us uses or rely’s on Google services be it an email, cloud storage , maps and an Android Phone. All of these services are mostly free to use and you are expected to share your private data to Google. Its a fair trade for really good quality services don’t you think ?

So if you are thinking that you are only providing Google with your “basic” information, I can assure you that Google may know more about you than what you think.

An article released by Good Morning America got Google into hot soup recently where they revealed all sorts of information that was picked by a brand new mobile phone without even having a SIM card in it.

After seeing the video was released, it was an eye opening and you would need to start taking a look at what those default settings on your Android phone.

From walking, on a bike, in the train or even if you are tilting your phone is able to track you. That becomes extremely valuable data for certain apps and with Google knowing your patterns and likes and dislikes and where you always go and what you love to do , can you imagine how important these data is to Advertisers … for example lets take Nike.

Google know you have an active lifestyle and loves to go around certain shopping malls in a certain city. If Nike just puts out an advertisement targeting your city, nearest to the shopping mall your frequently visit, and they know you have searched for “sporting goods” or perhaps looked at a famous ecommerce website under the section “sporting goods” . Google is able to help Nike get to you and show their ads.


Well .. this is the start if you truly want your privacy back. However keep this in mind that if you turn these off, you may not be able to use some of the applications you normally use.


So now come back to the question… will you turn it off and not use some of your favourite apps ? Just 2 decades ago, this was never a problem however now its a huge question. Its really funny as to how much we have evolved and rely so much on technology.

Cheers and have a great weekend !

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