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Over the past year we have seen industry giants such as Google and Facebook banning any ads in relation to Cryptocurrencies, Initial Coin Offerings or even now the much hyped Initial Exchange Offerings advertisements.

Its pretty clear that if your business revolves around this marketspace, it would be almost impossible for you to promote your product except thru word of mouth or paying marketers a large amount of money without knowing the results it may bring.

I stumbled across as I was browsing thru Steemhunt and after reading more imedietly signed up for it.

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What is CryptoMarketAds ?

Its a brand new marketplace which aims to be the leading platform for crypto advertising and marketing for both publishers and advertisers. With just 3 weeks since the launched of their marketplace, there are already 200 over offers from all sorts of crypto marketeers around the globe and from many popular platforms.

How does it Work ?

Using the platform is pretty simple. There are 2 ways of using this unique platform. Its either you want to hire influencers to promote your product (advertiser ) or you would like to offer yourself services to promote for others ( publisher )

To receive jobs as an Influencer you just need to signup and add your offerings under My Ad Properties you would need to then fill in the form stating what you are offering and how much you would be charging for this service. All payments would be in the form of CryptoMarketAds ( CMA ) tokens.

To hire influencers, you can just take a look at the marketplace and browse thru which influencer you would like to engage with. Once again payments would be in CMA ( CryptoMarketAds token )

How can I get CMA tokens so I can hire influencers ?

The only way to obtain CMA tokens at this point of time would be to

  • Receive tokens from services which you sell
  • But from the ICO ( *recommended )

Why should I get CMA coins ?

  • Its the main payment method option in this first of many products by CryptoMarketAds
  • Marketplace publishers will lock-up to 5 million coins to get 50% discount of Fees. This will strengthen the value of the CMA Coins
  • CMA coin will provide access to all other new products which will be launched by CryptoMarketAds
  • CMA coin is currently in the midst of partnering with and be part of the ecosystem with plans to list in some of the top exchanges globally

What Other Products is in CMA pipeline ?

There are 3 products which CMA is currently building

  1. New blockchain for marketplaces
  2. Visual marketplace builder
  3. ICO platform for marketplaces.

More information can be found in the whitepaper.

Crypto Market Ads ($CMA) coin is available for public sale through private sale on, starting from 20th April 2019 – 20th May 2019 followed by CMA’s IEO (Innitial Exchange Offering)

For more Information on


If you’ve been looking around for a quick way to grow your portfolio in the blockchain space or if you are planning to promote your blockchain project, I do suggest that you give it a try. After all what do you have to lose and you are able to get CMA coins at very reasonable price during the pre-sale.

Alternatively, you could just signup and provide your marketing services to companies who would like to engage you to promote their products.

With that said , have a great day ahead and do head over to to check it out.

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