Coingecko ‘s How to Defi

At times like these when we are all spending a lot of our time at home due to the Covid-19. Its best that we start to explore some areas where we could most possibly earn a bit of income thru online resources.

Coingecko has just released a new ONLINE eBook where you get to learn a lot of cool stuff about DeFi.

What on earth is DEFI ?

If you have not heard about what DEFI is, it stands for Decentralize Finance, its redefining Finance in a more decentralized manner. What DeFi developers has done is to create financial tools and services to be able to help and benefit you in a decentralize way.

Some of the content of this book as snapshot of the topics below.

With this book you would be able to grasp the idea of what DeFi is and also how you can get involved in it. One of my favourite topics is of course about Syntheticx.

What are Synthetixs ? In a quick explaination, you get to trade Forex pairs, and even commodity pairs XAU ( gold ) and XAG ( silver ) assets in a decentralized way.

Being a fully decentralize platform, you are not even required to do the KYC ( at the moment ) and you can get up and running within minutes.

Where to download this book ?

This book is distributed by Coingecko for FREE! Yeap … 100% free with no marketing pitch or any other nonsense like that.

It makes it a great read during these times and you are just 2 clicks away from getting it. You can grab your download link here.

Just check it out and I’m sure that you would be able to learn something new today.

Have a brilliant day ahead !! Stay Safe !

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