Scammers targeting my FB account

Its been pretty much a crazy week for me. First I realize I’ve been getting phishing emails stating that my machine was infected with keyloggers ( this post ) . And now, I’ve been a target of scammers cloning my FB account and messaging my FRIEND list.

It all started when I received this message from a buddy of mine who knows me well enough to realized that I wasn’t me ( like that makes any sense )

What I did was quickly changed my profile picture and reset my privacy so that people I didn’t know would not be able to search me on FB ( like that actually works )

What the scammer was trying to do was to lure in people into a scam and by cloning me , they hope that they are able to get people within my friend’s list to invest in this ponzi.

Its a nightmare as even after changing my profile and putting on the privacy, the very next day I still got my buddies messaging me directly on whatsapp saying that the scammers are still at work. Look at the picture below even the profile picture changed according to what I updated.

Even the account was newly created and I have a feeling that I was targeted on this perhaps because I revealed a scammer on telegram just not too long ago. Someone impersonating Mr David Lee tried to message me and to introduce some shit project on Telegram.

So back to the FB scam ! There is really nothing you can do when someone targets you to scam other people. The best is to get your friends to confirm with you and to report directly to FB the minute they get a message.

After announcing that I’ve been a target of FB scammers cloning my account, apparently, there are numerous of my friends which were getting it as well. Some even up to 3 times just this week alone.

I do recommend that all of you start to relook at your privacy settings on FaceBook and what you should turn on and off.

I do suggest to change as to who can view your friends list to ONLY ME . At least they won’t know who your friends are.

That is just one of many changes however that’s the most relevant in this case. I do hope that you stay safe and do not take your privacy controls lightly else someone is able to steal your identity.

This really reminded me of that movie THE NET where Sandra Bullock was acting and her character’s identity got stolen. Its now a huge reality.

Image result for sandra bullock the net gif

So once again, I do hope that you all stay safe and take a bit of time this weekend to review your privacy settings on all your applications and turn on 2FA if possible and the best thing would be :-

CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD if you have not done so in the past 100 years.

Stay safe .. and have a great weekend !

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