Brave Publishers Surpasses 400k

According to BATGrowth Website ( ) an independent Brave contributor which compiles the list of all the published websites / content channels which are verified Brave publishers.

How updated it is, I guess there needs to have some validation on this as I can’t find any other sites which has the updated list.

Here it states that there is about 42k websites who are now Brave Verified meaning, if you goto any of these sites using your Brave Browser and you have your auto contribution turned on, you would be helping out these content creators to earn a little bit of BAT for their content.

This works with social channels too like YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, Reddit, Vimeo and even GitHub.

As per BATGrowth website, there is over 250k of YouTubers who are verified and would be earning a little bit of BAT every month.

You do not need to be a famous YouTuber to earn BAT, it does help however even with little subscribers like myself, i was able to earn a few BAT per month. Not something to leave your day job however its great to know that you’ve received some BAT Tokens for the content you create.

Check out my small tiny earnings from my YouTube channel which have about 100 subscribers. Its not much however, I’m pretty much content for now.

So if you do have a social channel or a website, You really should just join in all these Brave Publishers and get verified today. You’ve got absolutely nothing to loose and whats important, You as a user would also be able to reward other content creators just by visiting their website.

To signup for a Brave Publisher account, do click on the link below and sign up.

Cheers guys and have a brilliant day !

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