Blockchain awareness protects innocent people from scams

One of the main reasons why we should always educate the public about the technology and not only about the monetary benefits of cryptocurrency is to protect innocent people from scammers who tries to take away their hard earn savings.

We have seen this many times and I’m sure we all have either a family member, friends or even ourselves got scammed before. Most of the time this happens is because we are unaware and uninformed with the right information, therefore these scammers takes advantage of that.

Below is a clear example of a scam which has been spreading thru Telegram.

Just because it looks like its a message from BINANCE a trusted exchange which thousands of people use to trade everyday. They would think that BINANCE is actually about to give out free BTC or ETH.

As the price of crypto goes up, we start seeing more and more of these scammers emerge out just to try to steal your precious cryptos. And there were a lot of success thus why they keep doing it.

So that is why we should always take the opportunity to get our friends and family informed about these scammers and best part educate them so that they do not fall into the trap of these scammers.

Lets make sure that we squash these scammers and protect our friends and family.

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