Binance has listed hive !

So the big news is already out by now and everyone kinda knows that Binance has listed HIVE ! They really took their time didn’t they.

Was it due to pure pressure as HIVE was already in the top 50 crypto coins and they still didn’t want to list ? That would have angered the entire crypto community once again for being bias to listing HIVE.

As we know, HIVE had experienced a new All Time High (ATH) of about $0.97 over the past few days and with the listing on Binance ….. well .. here is the price now.

I guess that since Binance has listed HIVE, the airdrop which was promised to all STEEM stakeholders on Binance would have been distributed and of course …. a deliberate dump of HIVE on Binance and a few other exchanges.

The Question ?

  • Would HIVE be able to retain value and not get back to where it was as in the teens ?
  • Would STEEM start pumping to supersede HIVE’s price ?


  • Since HIVE is now listed in more mainstream exchanges, we may see a significant dip in the price as those who had bought STEEM on purpose to gain on the HIVE airdrops would start selling it out to the open market.
  • We may see an increase in STEEM price futher as JS and team starts recovering his “investments” by selling the HIVE which he has received from his “not so hidden” and start to shill STEEM once more … if he still has any interest there.
  • Communities would only get stronger on HIVE and hopefully with collaboration with entities like Huobi, the roll-out of SMT could actually boost the value of HIVE and we would see a more sustainable rise in price.

**just my own opinions and is not any sort of investment advise.

Cheers all and have a great day !

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