Binance has listed hive !

So the big news is already out by now and everyone kinda knows that Binance has listed HIVE ! They really took their time didn’t they.

Was it due to pure pressure as HIVE was already in the top 50 crypto coins and they still didn’t want to list ? That would have angered the entire crypto community once again for being bias to listing HIVE.

As we know, HIVE had experienced a new All Time High (ATH) of about $0.97 over the past few days and with the listing on Binance ….. well .. here is the price now.

I guess that since Binance has listed HIVE, the airdrop which was promised to all STEEM stakeholders on Binance would have been distributed and of course …. a deliberate dump of HIVE on Binance and a few other exchanges.

The Question ?

  • Would HIVE be able to retain value and not get back to where it was as in the teens ?
  • Would STEEM start pumping to supersede HIVE’s price ?


  • Since HIVE is now listed in more mainstream exchanges, we may see a significant dip in the price as those who had bought STEEM on purpose to gain on the HIVE airdrops would start selling it out to the open market.
  • We may see an increase in STEEM price futher as JS and team starts recovering his “investments” by selling the HIVE which he has received from his “not so hidden” and start to shill STEEM once more … if he still has any interest there.
  • Communities would only get stronger on HIVE and hopefully with collaboration with entities like Huobi, the roll-out of SMT could actually boost the value of HIVE and we would see a more sustainable rise in price.

**just my own opinions and is not any sort of investment advise.

Cheers all and have a great day !

My TokenSet performance after 1 month

Its been several months since I started using TokenSet to see if its able to safely trade for me. Here is just my results using tokenset ETH/BTC RSI Ratio Trading Set.

How this set works is that it trades between ETH and wBTC based on criteria set which is

  • RSI level is more or equal to 70 to convert to ETH
  • RSI level is below 30 it converts to BTC
  • min rebalancing intervals of 1 day

Each time the criteria is met, the smart contract would automatically do the trade for you.

This SET performance

Now this is not the highest performance set at the moment however being that its only trading between wBTC & ETH, it has so far gain pretty ok.

Here is a quick chart on how it looks like at the moment.

The last rebalancing was on the 13th March 2020. Meaning to say that it converted from ETH to wBTC at that time. From then on, you can see the green line, that is where the SET’s roi is. Its roughly about almost 10%.

Because its ETH / wBTC pairs, I do not really look at the dollar value as that would be a totally different pairing. This SET is more of a conservative trade where the accumulation of ETH via trading wBTC.

How to start using TOKENSET

Now if you are interested in a conservative way to just park and let the smart contract do all the trade for you. TokenSet is a great DeFi app which you can use.

What you would need is only your MetaMask wallet. Every set has a different price and you do not need to buy 1 whole set to get started. You can even buy 0.1 of a SET.

This would be great for just trying and parking some of your ETH which you don’t intend to use for awhile. Do remember that TOKENSETS is not meant to be a short term investment, its more of a long term conservative approach.


I do suggest you give it a go as you are able to sell the sets at any given time. There is no lock in period and its all automated.

Also do remember that this is crypto trading and there is always risks involved. There is no guarantee if you would be earning however it does help you trade strictly via technical indicators therefore its great for beginners as you do not need to know much about trading but just the basic fundamentals.

Google COVID-19 Mobility – Big Data

Since a lot of countries has begun enforcing lockdown in their own respective country and most of it is compliant by the residence, however we are unable to accurately track if people are adhering to the order by the nation’s government.

Google somehow is able to track all of those information as a large number of the population is using a handphone with some Google services installed in it.

Google has launched its new “reporting site” where you are able to download data which has been tracked by google in terms of how much changes there are of people’s movement in places like Retails, parks or even transportation stations

Louisiana's Community Mobility Report shows a 45% decrease in visits to places like restaurants and shopping centers and a 16% decrease in visits to places like groceries and pharmacies since January.

Its more of a summary and changes over the past 2 months of data collected. For example here is Malaysia’s reports where you see a huge change in percentage of people visiting Retail and recreation sites.

Just by seeing the reports you are able to tell that there is a big impact on retail and recreation, however there are still individuals chilling out at the parks and also people are still going to do their groceries however the number is less most likely due to Malaysia Movement Order (MCO) only allows 1 person per family to go out to get the essential items.

Comparing to Indonesia

You can see that Indonesia has seen drops only just lately however they have not been on full lockdown yet as the population is just immense and trying to take immediate drastic action could cause a nationwide panic.

Have to remember that there is 300 million population in Indonesia and just Jakarta alone there is about 33million which is about the same size of Malaysia entire population

How to access this data

Everyone is able to get hold of this data and download it just by visiting this website


At this point of time, these are really interesting data to see how the people from other countries are reacting to the covid-19 “social distancing”.

However there are some concerns as well, as Google has shown its colors on just how much data they are collecting and is able to showcase it. I would guess that the accuracy of data would be pretty high as almost everyone carries a smartphone these days with some google services.

But what do you think ?

My Quarantine Story

Whattt !! Its been 16 days since Malaysia Movement Control Order (MCO) started, its hard to imagine that its already been so many day since the country has gone into partial lockdown. It all started on the 18th of March 2020 and the announcement was done just a few days prior to the implementation of the MCO.

At first everyone was going crazy and started buying trolley load of food and everything thinking that there would be lack of grocery supplies as the announcement wasn’t very clear as to what would still remain open and what would not.

Supermarts tell Malaysians to resist panic buying as country shuts ...

During the 1st week of the MCO implementation the police was still not enforcing strictly and was still encouraging people to practice

  • social distancing
  • no gathering
  • can only buy take away food and not sit at restaurants
  • no chilling with friends
  • no going to the parks

A number of Malaysians had comply and stayed at home, however there were those who just could not do that. They had tons of excuses when approached by security which of course proceeded for the govt to start enforcing the MCO togather with the help of the Malaysian National Guards.

So what have I been doing ?


Well .. the quarantine life for me has been a whole new interesting experience. I’ve started doing numerous video calls to see if this was a good way to grow the community for HIVE and also to gain awareness of Crypto & Blockchain. Yes I consider this work as I seriously love doing it apart for a few other things.


Now this is the hard part. Since my wife is not around here in Malaysia and is stuck overseas for work, I gotta be the dad and the mom in the house. Juggling between all of that is not too hard however it does get tiring at times.

I guess I’m pretty lucky as they are not too young and is able to help me out here and there. Those who are with toddlers, these would be an extremely hard time for them.

One of the good thing coming out of this is that I have definitely improved my cooking skills. THANK YOU YOUTUBE !!

With countless of videos of food recipes, these are like the best time to try it out. And I have my 2 lil kids to try it out as well… my honest “critics”

Everyday I try to see if I can try a new recipe and if I have the ingredients for it.

So … cooking simple dishes is not that hard, however sometimes you just can’t seem to get that “perfect” taste. Its either too salty or too bland.

Kids Education

One of the worrying thought as a parent is the continuation of the kids education even though we are all at home. The year 2020 is surely going to be known as the year where everyone had to adapt to Video calls and Online Shopping.

I managed to get in touch with the kids teachers and the kids also was contacted by the teachers for various subjects. After 2 weeks of extended “school holidays” .. the lessons started to commence.

A least the teachers were willing to adapt to online teaching. It wasn’t so smooth at first however after the 2nd time, these teachers were pros.

Even my youngest son also started having classes conducted by the teachers.

For me … during their tuition time, at least it gives me some quiet time to get some done on the computer before starting to prepare for the next meal.

My daily routine – a rough schedule

  • Get up
  • Feed noisy kids breakfast
  • Do some work
  • Cook
  • Feed hungry kids lunch
  • Clean up
  • Entertain kids
  • Do a bit more work
  • Cook
  • Feed hyper-energetic kids
  • Get kids rdy for online tuition
  • Do some video conference calls
  • Binge watch some TV show which always ends up the TV binge watching me sleep


Its hard for some to just stay at home, as we have no idea how long this would last.

I’m glad that I’m able to be at home with my family unlike the thousands of front liners which place their lives at risk every single day trying to fight this Covid-19 pendamic.

Our prayers to the front liners all around the globe, to keep them safe and to be able to stay strong. We all respect you guys ! The heroes of today !

HACKED – here is me sharing my experience

It was just 3 weeks ago where I woke up one morning getting ready to send my kids to school and thought it was going to be just an ordinary day.

After having breakfast and drove my kids to school, my phone’s DND turned off and as I was driving back home I started to get a few notifications on my phone.

As I got back and sat in front of my PC, I checked all my phone messages and this was one of the many similar messages I received.

I was pretty much shocked as to why I was receiving this message as I surely didn’t get online nor did any task online for anything at 7am in the morning .

There were a number of Microsoft Accounts which I have and I started to be very suspicions of this activity leading me to start trying to login to all my email accounts of importance.

All was able to login except for 1 of my account. A very old account which I created more then 15 years ago. I have not logged into this account for awhile however I still remembered my password as I’ve not changed it for a long time.

Seeing that I was unable to login, I quickly did a reset and true enough, each time I reset it required a authentication code which showed similar message as above.

By now, I’ve got 2 scenarios in which I was thinking off.

  • My email is hacked and password was compromised
  • My phone SIM card is cloned thus getting weird messages

To eliminate one of the possibilities, I quickly head off to the telco and got my SIM CARD change. While doing that … I then realized my FB could not login and few other stuff I was unable to login.

Things was getting extremly critical at this point and I was in a mere panic state

Let's end the panic over Facebook's algorithm changes | Digital ...

So ok .. taking things I knew I had to take drastic measures. As all I could do not is the most obvious thing.


I quickly did all of those … login to my main emails and change password. Then login to my social media like FB and change password … loging to all my crypto related exchanges and change password.

However while I was doing all of that, it seem that my main email accounts ( none microsoft ) keeps resetting itself again.

What I did next closed the leak

Keeping a clear head was the main thing, as I was already in a state of panic .. so thinking back, my old email account ( HOTMAIL from microsoft )

  • I had to recover that and after I got a new SIMCARD and then change the password on that.
  • I also enabled secondary verification by phone. Lucky I had 2 phones

Once I did that I checked all the security login logs. It looks something like this.

One of it was successful as I went thru the logs and it was connected from CANADA. Unfortunatly I don’t have the screen shot here.

Now once I cleared that, added security, it was time to change once more all my other accounts password once more.

This time, all my passwords remained changed and didn’t reset itself. By then a few accounts were unable to be access already as it was changed to a unknown password, however I manage to recover it.

How they managed to gain access and hack my accounts !

This is just a rough indication on how they were able to access a lot of my stuff because I didn’t pay attention to my recovery email which I’ve not login for the longest time since I do not use it much anymore.

For those of you who do not know what IMAP is , its basically a way to syncronize your emails thru 3rd party apps for example if you are using iPhone and wanted IOS to manage your mails, you would use the IMAP function to sync it.

Apparently that this IMAP sync hack has been around for awhile and Microsoft is aware about it. Its not really a security flaw, however its more of a feature, which of course can be abused if somehow your username and password has been compromised.

What I learn from this

  • Secure the email which you use as a recovery email and don’t use that email at all if possible to signup for anything online
  • ALWAYS enable secondary authentication like 2FA
  • Manage your password well and try not to use the same password in all your site. Even though I do have a standard password which I use for dodgy sites however you can’t be too careful as even the best companies in the world are not spared from hackers trying to gain access to their databases.
  • Frequently check and verify your security logins on all your main accounts.


I do hope that you would not go thru this experience as I did, it really wasted a lot of time and I felt disgusted at the fact that someone had breached my privacy.

I did suffer some losses, this was purely because I so happened to be awake at the time of the hack. Its indeed an experience which I don’t wish any of you to partake in.

Cheers and hope my sharing will be able to help you guys to start securing your accounts more.