Resolving problems using technology – great work Lazada

It was just a few days ago where a news article came out stating that a lot of farmers from Cameron Highlands had to dump tons and tons of fresh vegetable because they were unable to deliver it to the cities. This was mainly because of the Malaysian Movement Control Order (MCO) as moving within states has been restricted.

The heaps of vegetables that have been sorted left at the walkway at the market.

It wasn’t only the fresh vegetables that was effected, however it was also fish and meat as most of these items were brought in from other states into the city.

After seeing the news, LAZADA which is one of the largest online eCommerce stores in Malaysia step in to connect these farmers / fishermen and also meat vendors directly to the consumer.

LAZADA had both the logistic capabilities and also the reach to a large part of the consumers in Malaysia as its been around for a number of years now.

I was truly impressed by the speed on how fast LAZADA managed to get these stores up and running. In less then 1 week, the stores opened up today. Instead of selling each vegetable individually, LAZADA has also created “pakages” like if you wanted to cook Prawn Noodles, you could just buy a pack with all the required ingredients.

Even the stores were up for the fisherman. However for now, you could only buy a box filled with fresh seafood at a very reasonable price. Even though the deliveries would take a few days however it was assured that it would be fresh !

You could even start getting fresh meat from the marketplace on LAZADA which i guess it just gave the hypermarket a huge competition.

I was checking out the prices on all the items which are on LAZADA fresh markets, then comparing it to the hypermarkets. It surely is competitive and some are even cheaper. The big plus point is that its delivered to your doorsteps.


I would guess that by the time things start getting back to normal and the Movement Control Order is lifted, a large part of the population would be so used on getting their daily needs online therefore the markets and malls would need to really think of new ways to get and retain their customers.

Cheers all and have a brilliant day.

Covid-19 the real challenge for me and a lot of people around me

Today, I really needed to go grab some groceries as we were running low of some fresh meat and other stuff back at home. So I slapped on the mask and off I went to the grocery store.

I went to one which was not too crowded and even though the price was a little bit higher, however, I could get everything I wanted in 1 location.

Before getting into the hypermart, I had to stand in queue for like 30 mins as they would only allow a maximum of 30 people in the hypermart, I was there early, however, the line was already building up.

While waiting in line there was a man in front of me who was exchanging voice notes with his wife over the Whatsapp and she was literally telling him what to buy and stuff like that. I couldn’t help noticing that he kept checking his wallet to see how much he has in it. And in one of his voice message, he said to his wifeLets not buy it this week … my salary is not in yet, let’s try to get it next week

After he said that, there was silence and a few mins later an acknowledgement of “ok” was heard.

The Financial Challenge

For a lot of people being able to survive for a 1 – 2 months in a state where you most likely unable to get any work done is not great but still bearable. However, as we go forward into the 3rd – 5th month we would really start to see the strain on it because we may never know if we would still have a job once this dreadful virus has gone.

Virus hits China's economic heart -- its small businesses - Nikkei ...

Read an interesting article about how the virus has impacted the SMEs in China and I would believe that a lot of the challenges which is faced in China would be almost the same everywhere else.

Over here in Malaysia, a stimulus package by the government has been presented just 2 days ago. It sounds really amazing as the government is planning to cough up 250 billion into it. Some say it’s like an airdrop.

Malaysia Second Economic Stimulus Package 2020 | Crowe Malaysia PLT

It was met with a lot of scepticism as the stimulus package is focus towards the individuals and not towards the Small-Medium Businesses. And with that amount of money pump into the package, a lot of questions came about to where is the money coming from.

Malaysia's 1 Trillion Ringgit Government Debt Explained - Bloomberg

Everyone didn’t forget that Malaysia has a 1 trillion dollar debt which was created by the previous administration and the scandals around the infamous 1MDB

With Stocks falling to its bottom and our currency which is being devalued day by day, the future in Malaysia looks very uncertain.

It was only 2 weeks ago, Malaysia started the Movement Control Order and that was the time where people started to panic buy carting away trolleys filled to the brink with items which they may or may not need.

However today, it was pretty clear that the panic buying has subsided and people started buying only the things out of necessity. This could most likely be the cause of realization that we need to be diligent with our spending as we may have to survive for another few months before businesses can commence once more.

By then it would literally be the survival of the fittest as I do foresee that a lot of companies would be going thru bankruptcy.

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As of now, lets all keep positive and start planning for the long run, don’t panic buy .. buy what you need and not what you want.

Stay strong and stay safe .. cheers guys and have a good Sunday

Coingecko ‘s How to Defi

At times like these when we are all spending a lot of our time at home due to the Covid-19. Its best that we start to explore some areas where we could most possibly earn a bit of income thru online resources.

Coingecko has just released a new ONLINE eBook where you get to learn a lot of cool stuff about DeFi.

What on earth is DEFI ?

If you have not heard about what DEFI is, it stands for Decentralize Finance, its redefining Finance in a more decentralized manner. What DeFi developers has done is to create financial tools and services to be able to help and benefit you in a decentralize way.

Some of the content of this book as snapshot of the topics below.

With this book you would be able to grasp the idea of what DeFi is and also how you can get involved in it. One of my favourite topics is of course about Syntheticx.

What are Synthetixs ? In a quick explaination, you get to trade Forex pairs, and even commodity pairs XAU ( gold ) and XAG ( silver ) assets in a decentralized way.

Being a fully decentralize platform, you are not even required to do the KYC ( at the moment ) and you can get up and running within minutes.

Where to download this book ?

This book is distributed by Coingecko for FREE! Yeap … 100% free with no marketing pitch or any other nonsense like that.

It makes it a great read during these times and you are just 2 clicks away from getting it. You can grab your download link here.

Just check it out and I’m sure that you would be able to learn something new today.

Have a brilliant day ahead !! Stay Safe !

Day 6 of Malaysia Movement Control Order

If you can’t go to Starbucks … then bring the Starbucks home ! Got myself a Stabucks mug and started making my coffee and working on my computer. Why not eh … at least it almost feels like Starbucks.

There were 106 new Covid-19 cases today here in Malaysia however we have 24 who have recovered !!! I live in the state which has the highest infected at the moment with about 381 in treatment.

All information above was taken from

As a daily routine, the first thing I would do after getting up is to check the news and also the price of all the cryptos I’m currently holding, hoping not to see a further crash.

There are a few news sites which I frequently visit however I do checkout on the community FaceBook Group which has all the crypto enthusiast here in Malaysia where you get “curated” news about stuff happening in the Blockchain space. I guess thats better then reading up on all the different stuff out there.

There is so many news covering Covid-19 out there and there just don’t seem to be much good news going around. The best news however today was that crime rate in Malaysia has gone down to almost 0 !

Another day .. wishing for better days to come ! Cheers all and stay safe !

TeamMalaysia Talks Vol 3

We are going to host another Online Meetup talking about the state of things and crypto related stuff … most likely touching a bit about HIVE and the communities.

Its going to be done tonite at 9pm Malaysia/Singapore time and our previous videos seems like we managed to get about 300 views on it. Hahah … the power of social media.

All these talks would be stream directly to FB live in TeamMalaysia’s Facebook group so anyone can just watch , participate, listen or even chat there.

I try to do it every 2 days .. however lets see how things progress. We gotta start somewhere ! Here is the ZOOM invite if you wanna just join in for the fun of it, you gotta tolerate with our Malaysian slang when coming in .. its meant to be just lively conversations and nothing too serious.

Time: Mar 23, 2020 09:00 PM Singapore

Join Zoom Meeting

TeamMalaysia Talks ZOOM invite

Meeting ID: 967 442 881 | Password: 024197

If you want to join in thru FB , here is the link to the FB group where we Malaysians hang out

Cya later if you get there ! Cheers all.

Why I am still here on Steem

Over the past 2 days, I’ve attended blockchain events here in Malaysia purely to support other community builders in the Blockchain Space. One of the hottest topics that was asked was the state of the STEEM Blockchain obviously.

Also, someone asked me if I was still going to be talking about STEEM and running events to talk about STEEM blockchain which I’ve been doing over the past few years.

My answer was that even though there are numerous disputes happening at this point in time, however, you can clearly see how strong and vocal the community is. This is something that I do not see in other blockchain projects.

Since 2017 when I first joined STEEM, there were so few options on how to post to the Steem blockchain, not only that, it was really hard to even get your account created. Even with that, I still managed to run my first event talking about STEEM and a lot of people were interested however only a few managed to get their accounts and continued their journey together with me as **Teammalaysia** community here.

This was my first ever meetup which I did here in Malaysia .. i remembered I did a demo post during my presentation


Realizing that STEEM is not just a “blogging” platform, however, that it would only be successful if its a community. Therefore that’s why this fueled my drive to grow this into something larger. So I began speaking about STEEM wherever I went …


And as it started to gain traction, the community just grew and grew and I made many many friends during my journey.

Most of my talks were at a diverse crowd of tech and non-tech. I’ve even talked about steem at women entrepreneurs event and also numerous blockchain events

Image result for bitrocker2020 women on web

I also did talk about steem to musicians and artists asking them to come on board and share their artistry here within the community.


One of my highlights was organizing Borneo Blockchain Summit where we got huge support from the community to run it as we had key government officials to come and attend and actually listen about what Blockchain technology and of course about STEEM as well. The event was a success with 250 attendees !

Image result for borneo blockchain summit


Image result for bitrocker2020 talk

SO Why Am I Still Here ?

I am still here is because I just love this community and steem has been beneficial for everyone not in a sense of only earning some crypto, however also a way to share something, be it a thought, an activity or even something as simple as your kid’s drawing or your cooking. Its a space that gives us the freedom to be ourselves.

Image result for bitrocker2020 talk

I remember sharing about my burned pizza on steem once as my kid got pretty sad cuz he so wanted to eat pizza

Here was one of the comment which came after I posted it

Apart from just seeing how the community evolved into something larger than just **Teammalaysia** . You start seeing a lot of involvement with other communities, where individuals would start making friends with other content creators regardless of race or religion. Heck .. we became friends without even knowing our first names.

So I guess I’m here to stay and not moving anywhere … all this fiasco about TRON and STEEM, I hope that there is progress to resolve and move on positively as the community is watching and is reacting.


I hope the newly signed up individuals from whichever community are also able to experience steem as how we have so that we would be able to grow as a community to make it even larger than just a blockchain.

Lets STEEM On !