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I want to learn some songs in half-step down tuning, but I've only found a few until now. I tried searching for them but there's almost no songs found. There are a few reasons that I have tuned down or up a half step or whole step. As a professional musician, there are aspects of playing chords that require the inclusion of droning notes that require quickly switching between fully. good 1/2 step down songs - Ultimate Guitar. 2004/09/02 · Songs tuned 1/2 step down Unread post by sacdeez » Thu Sep 02, 2004 12:06 am What are some good songs to play in this tuning?? I've been messing around with some Ben Harper and U2's desire. What are some other good.

2016/03/29 · I'm joining a rock camp in April, and the theme will be hard 90s rock. Two of the first three songs they announced are tuned down a half step, and I assume more will be 6 or 7 songs total. So I'm trying to figure out a guitar to bring. 2003/02/20 · Songs that are a whole step down ? - posted in Guitar Q & A: Are there any good modern songs that are tuned down a whole step. I cant seem to think of any at the momment. _____ This is my Signature [ This. 2013/02/19 · Well, just because the original bands tune down doesn't mean you have to. We don't tune down just because an original song was tuned to Eb. Just play it a half-step higher. And if we have to play in a different higher or lower. 2012/05/26 · - Enslaved also drop Db, ie. half step down plus the Eb tuned down another step - Protest The Hero - Nevermore until 2000, when they moved onto 7 strings, still tuned a half step down - Agalloch on the Pale Folklore album. 2015/07/31 · One tricky bit of business is that Chevelle plays this on a guitar tuned down one half-step. If you’d rather not worry about retuning but still want to play with the CD, just move everything down one fret. There are no open strings, so.

It bugs me sometimes when I would like to play along with a song only to find that it's played down half or a whole step. I have purchased software that enables me to adjust the pitch of songs without affecting the tempo, etc, and my guitar tab software can transpose tabs, but knowing why artists do this in the first place would be helpful. 2010/11/24 · one of the bands i'm in does. we play mostly 90's covers and it works well since some of the songs we play are already half a step down. easier to bend strings too and a heavier sound. i use 11 guage heavy bottom end hybrids and i.

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